Tiffany Lewis

SATURDAY, January 27

Session Title

CEO | Solutions Architect

Tru Brand Media

Tiffany Lewis, Founder of Tru Brand Media, is a passionate, data-driven solutions architect specializing in transforming common data elements into actionable solutions that scale. With over ten years of experience in the Business Intelligence and Consulting field, Tiffany has implemented a wide range of analytic products and collaborative infrastructures to develop comprehensive strategies and solutions to enhance a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. She specializes in creating synergies between various analytical technologies to deliver timely and accurate information at optimal levels of efficiency. She is passionate about ensuring that her clients can drive value from their data by making it available across all tiers of their organization through intuitive interfaces.

Through a high-profile free-lance project, Tiffany realized her true passion, which is building brands through the art of design and technology. In 2019, Tiffany quit corporate America and started her business, Tru Brand Media. She has worked with clients such as Walmart, Cox Media Group, The Lakers, BET, OWN Network, and more. Tiffany has continued to grow as a business owner and developer. Currently, she focuses on her company’s rebranding, developing centralized and decentralized software, and providing data services.