About the State of the Woman Address

Empowerment Education for Professional Women & Aspiring Leaders Since 2005

SOTWA Annual Women's Empowerment Conference

The annual State of the Woman Address is a gathering of women (and men brave enough to participate) who seek & share knowledge to enhance the health, wealth, and spiritual growth of experienced professionals as well as those aspiring to lead.

Personal Development

We’re dedicated to smashing limiting beliefs and helping you progress on your personal path to greatness.

Financial Wellness

Each year of SOTWA has included a financial education component because we know you can’t get far without funds!

Strategies for Success

Your professional growth matters, whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or blazing a trail with your own business.


Women, Business, & Money: Make Better Moves

For 2022, the Crypto Conference will inspire our attendees, team, and partners to take the reins and think creatively about our future and finances. Our objective is to teach and provide tools to get started with cryptocurrency and be ready to understand the future value of money.

Join us from anywhere! We’ll be live at the newly renovated Hilton Atlanta Airport
and online via the Hopin interactive events platform.