Lee Allen

Living By Design

Market Analyst

Living By Design

I have been blessed to be given the roles of daughter, sister, mother, wife, grandmother, pastor, teacher, counselor, friend and more.

Each of these roles have given me so many beautiful experiences and have opened my eyes to the possibilities I would have never known or experienced without.

My current role of teacher and The joy of teaching over 86,000 students worldwide has been one of the biggest blessings. Knowing that I have a role in helping others build their legacies for their Childrens children is a miracle and one of the brightest highlights of my role as a teacher.

Being able to find financial and time freedom within the forex and crypto realm has given my family the opportunity to invest in international and domestic real estate. To be able to “work” anywhere there is wireless data/internet at anytime of the day or night is liberating. Whether on the beaches of the Caribbean or the comfort of my home I am able to help others learn an incredible Master Skill that can absolutely change their lives.