Chrissy Pips

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Cryptocurrency Investor

Chrissy Pips

Meet Chrissy Pips! Motor City-based Digital Assets Investor and Mompreneur who retired at 35 because of crypto. The tough, tenacious, determined Detroiter humbly refers to herself as a “diamond in the rough” When in reality, this amazing trader, actually represents a small percentage of top women in investing throughout the world.

She’s taught herself and 14 yearold son how to trade crypto, stake it, protect it, and much more. On a mission to put other moms on her same success path, the unleveled path that many of the world’s wealthiest investors have hidden for centuries. Chrissy’s awakening, tenacity and generosity, has made it so many of her followers are exceeding every single financial expectation they’ve created.

Her students crave the way she teaches. She helps educate subscribers, somewhere in the hundreds of thousands throughout 100 countries, arming each with the same tools she successfully uses to excavate her digital treasures, a sustainable success strategy available to moms everywhere.

Specializing in beginner trading education, the online crypto community she’s created, along side her mentor, is where she’s known to study and educate for countless hours, daily. Chrissy has crafted the perfect learning community, where students are preparing for their financial reset!