Speaker Spotlight

CEO, Main Street MarTech

Dr. Lisa Richardson

Dr. Lisa Richardson reverse engineers the dreams of women who innovate, create, and serve. 

She is a full-stack content strategist and marketing ops geek helping solopreneurs and tiny teams launch sustainable, scalable marketing programs so they can grow strong businesses or nonprofits.

Dr. Lisa translates her nearly 30 years of higher education and consulting experience into running a 14-year-old agency focused on content strategy, marketing operations, and digital event production. Prioritizing tech strategy, inclusive storytelling, and accessible digital events, Dr. Lisa positions growth-focused teams for long-term success.

Dr. Lisa’s industry expertise is fueled by her innate love for learning and research, ensuring her clients achieve the powerhouse results they’ve earned. 

Off the clock, you can typically find Dr. Lisa exploring restaurants and recipes or partying up with overpowered underdogs in other worlds via her Kindle library.