Tony Christopher

Tony Christopher

FRIDAY, January 27

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President & CEO

Georgia Certified Development Corporation (GCDC)

Tony Christopher currently serves as President and CEO of Georgia Certified Development Corporation (GCDC). GCDC is a Certified Development Company that is an authorized representative of the Small Business Administration charged with administering the SBA 504 loan program.

This program provides high leverage financing for business owners seeking to acquire commercial real estate & equipment for their business operations. GCDC is justly known for its commitment to the small business community, service to lenders, experience and knowledge of the SBA 504 program.

Mr. Christopher is an experienced professional in the Georgia banking community. He has spent over thirty years in Finance and Banking with industry leaders such as The Money Store Commercial Mortgage Division, CIT, Lehman Brothers and Wells Fargo. He also worked directly with the Small Business Administration’s Disaster Loan Program.

Tony Christopher is viewed as a dynamic president with proven leadership, diverse interests and a strong background. He possesses not only a passion for lending but the arts and humanities as well. He is considered to be energetic, engaging and ideally suited to marshal the talent and resources of the company to maximize its potential as a competitive Certified Development Company in Georgia.