Ansylla Ramsey

SATURDAY, January 28

4 Things to Do BEFORE You Buy Crypto

Crypto Confidence Coach


As a Crypto Confidence Coach since 2018, Ansylla has offered webinars, classes, online summits and group coaching programs to empower others with crypto knowledge.

In 2021, she authored Start Your Crypto Journey in 3 Simple Steps, an e-book with uncomplicated fundamentals to help crypto newbies safely navigate the crypto space. It is available in English and French.

She later added the Start Your Crypto Journey paperback in English on Amazon as part of the Crypto Confidence Collection – a set of 4 books to help crypto beginners reach their crypto goals.

Ansylla has helped hundreds of crypto beginners in 8 countries – Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, US, UK, Canada, France and Switzerland – start their crypto journeys. She created the Crypto Beginners Bundle – books, tools and videos that help crypto beginners understand fundamentals, protect their information, secure their assets and create a realistic investment plan. She invites other crypto enthusiasts to join the CBB Affiliate Program so that they can show those around them that they can dive into crypto simply, safely and securely.